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I’ve like him for 3 years

I like him for 3 years, but at first he doesn’t know my existence until the second year. The first year, I know that he like this other girl in class I was heart broken, but turned out, he got kicked, I was there to comfort him and that’s the time he finally noticed me, we became friends. The second year, we became close friends :D, although he ignore me most of the time and one of my friends like him too, but she got kicked too. The third year, he always playing tricks on me, I don’t mind much, when I cried, he said this: “Don’t cry, tears doesn’t suit your face.”. That sentence makes me thinking all night, my feelings for him grew stronger. One day, I accidentally drank wine, I thought it was soft drinks, I went high and confess my feelings for him. He was shocked. The next day, I don’t remember a thing from yesterday so he told me what happened and all I said: “Everything I said is fake, I was high.” From that day, he became closer to me, he shared me his secrets. There is one time he swore a lot so I said: “don’t you have anything better to say then *swear word insert*?”. Then he said this: “Yes. You are beautiful”. That makes my day. :D. I’ve thinking that I should tell him my feeling for him (for real, no high) in January.

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