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She gently removed his dick from her throat, gasping for air, for she soon slid it back in

Parica and Katie were sat in the art room. They had been entrusted with the key to their art room, and the front door of their school. They were behind on their projects and needed to work together.

Katie looked down at her spreadsheet, a smear of blue paint on her freckled cheek. Parica found her irresistible, and Katie didn’t even know it.

He looked her up and down, from her ginger hair, to her rather tight t-shirt that left little to the imagination, all the way down to her perky bottom. She was perfect.

Katie looked across the room to Parica, seeing him working on his clay sculpture. Every time Parica wiped his face with his t-shirt, revealing his chiseled abs, Katie bit her lip a little harder.

It was quite evident to everyone, but them, that they both desired each other. But soon, they will find out just how much they want one another.

As they had nearly completed their projects, they had decided to take a break. They lay on the ground next to each other.

As they were having a conversation about plans after school, Katie suddenly said, “Sooo is there a reason you’ve got a hard-on?” and giggled. Parica’s hands quickly flew down to cover his clearly bulging school trousers, causing Katie to giggle even more.

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of this!” Said Katie as she quickly removed Parica’s trousers, with little to no protest from his end. Soon, Katie was faced with Parica’s bulge, only being hidden by his pair of Calvin Klein boxers.

Katie grabbed the rim of his underwear, and slowly pulled them down to his thighs. She gave an audible Gasp as she laid eyes upon the large tool. It must have been at least 7 inches long, maybe more!

Still in awe, Katie grabbed the base of his throbbing cock with her soft hands.
“It’s so hot!” she exclaimed in disbelief, and began to run her hand up his shaft, and over the tip, making Parica moan.

Katie positioned herself between Parica’s legs and began working his cock with both hands, a childlike wonder in her eyes.

She brought the tip to her lips, feeling it’s warmth radiate.
Sticking her tongue out, she licked the tip gently.
“Holy fuck he tastes so good!”
She thought, her breathing quickening.

Katie brought the tip to her lips once more, and slid it into her mouth. The feeling she felt could only be described as an animalistic desire, suddenly awoken within her. As she felt it throb within her mouth, she slid more and more of his delicious cock in her mouth. It hit the back of her throat, making her gag slightly, but she persisted, sliding it down her throat.

Parica ran his hands through her hair, his head tilted back in pleasure as he heard Katie’s gag reflex kick in.

She gently removed his dick from her throat, gasping for air, but this did not last long, for she soon slid it back in, feeling the warmth in her throat again.

Before long, Parica groaned between closed teeth,
“Katie, holy shit I’m going to cum!”

As though she had done this before, she pulled his throbbing member from her throat, and ran her tongue around the tip, working the shaft with her hands.

Parica gave one last groan as he exploded in her mouth, quickly filling it up. As his cock slid outside of her mouth, it shot the last few pulses of cum over her pretty face.

Katie closed her eyes, and swallowed. She felt amazing, but she was hungry for more.

Parica reached over to grab his trousers, but Katie slapped his hand away.
“Don’t you see this?” she said pointing at his cock.
“It’s still hard! We’re not done here!”

She moved up, and sat on his stomach. Katie began to remove her top, sliding it past her neatly tied hair, revealing her perky, teenage breasts.

Katie reached down to Parica’s hands and placed them on her tits, urging him to play with them. Meanwhile Katie removed her trousers and her panties.

She moved up, until her shaven, pink pussy hovered over Parica’s face. Parica grabbed onto her thighs and went to work.

He massaged her clitoris with his tongue, making her moan.
Gently, Parica slid a single finger into her. “unbelievable” he thought. Just one finger and she wrapped around it, squeezing it tightly.

Parica continued to tease her clitoris, and massage her g-spot, and soon Katie dripped cum all over him.

Without hesitation, Parica picked Katie up and brought her into the supply closet, knowing that the students would soon be returning.

He stuck his cock down Katie’s throat once more for lubrication, and bent her over a stool.
Parica rubbed his cockhead over Katie’s quivering pussy, hearing her breath quickening.

As Parica heard the art room door open, and hearing the chattering of students, he stuck his cock deep inside Katie.

Katie moaned loudly, but Parica put his hands over her mouth, as he continued to thrust into her.

Katie thought she was going to lose her mind. The feeling of Parica’s cock stretch her wide open was too much.

She felt Parica’s cock twitch inside her, and she gasped as she felt him explode inside of her.

Parica withdrew his still erect cock for her, causing cum to spill from Katie. She stood there for a second, sticking a finger inside herself, covering it in cum, and sticking it in her mouth.

They both got dressed and stepped out of the supply closet, and no one was the wiser.


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