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A life of a student

A life of a student :
I don’t know how else I can shorten this, but here it is.
My name is Ron and I am in 8th grade, 5.7 ft and I feel like my school life is similar to a lot of students. My school/life has been mixed, both bad and love. I love who I am because I have friends who I can talk to and I am the only child so I guess you can call me spoiled, but never really saw my mom and my dad in the same roof (real dad at least). I have every video games and gadgets that many kids my age could only dream of. I hate this life because some are douches at school and I am too soft to fight back even if I know how to fight, my friends makes fun of me too sometimes, but not to the point of those others who I can’t really call a “friend”. I was never successful at asking out girls which makes me hate being a son of a Filipino. I always feel bad because of these douches and the only way to forget about how bad they make me feel is play video games. My school has more Mexican than American and I hate being called “Asian” because people make fun of them for eating rice (which I do) and have small P (which I do not), basically miss-stereotypical. People make fun of my hair just because I use hair gel, which is confusing because there are also some who really like my hair, so basically they either make fun of my hair or REALLY like it. My name is Ron and I pray to God that this won’t be my life forever.

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  1. I feel you,
    I’ve had a similar situation. People judging you by your looks and nationality, stuff like that.
    You have friends that can support you, that make you laugh and not being able to ask a girl out is not a big problem, I am sure your life will change soon.

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