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Starting high school I didn’t have any friends yet

I’m a sophomore in high school. My best friend and I went to school ever since kindergarten to middle school. He told me he had to move so he couldn’t go to the same high school with me. I felt alone because I never went to school without him, he was someone I could trust all the time and rely on he would make me feel better at times. I also have a health issue with hearing loss in my left ear. Starting high school I didn’t have any friends yet. I tried to make friends but when I thought I made one they end up betraying you and forget. Those people did not care for me they ignored me. I’m a student who gets good grades and is smart but can’t make friends. I wish high school life was like japan high school life. I watch j-dramas and watch lots of high school drama. I always see that people do make friends even the ones that do not have any. I wish school was like that here in the united states. In my freshman year, I got along with some teachers I thought that teachers could be my friends too. It was a good idea but I won’t get to be with them in their class anymore? Since late freshman year I put on my hood and listen to music inside. I will not trust anyone! I was a nice, smart, kind person but now I am just going my way. I’m not a good guy anymore but I’m not a bad guy either! I there are times when I see friendship and wish I could have a friend. My grandma passed away not too long ago and I felt sad? I’m going on in my life for my little brother. I want him to be happy, I want him to enjoy life. Each day at school I look like a mad person but inside me I am a guy who wished I had friends but can’t! I also wished I had an older sister. An older sister would be someone I look up to but I do not have one. I want my life to be filled with friends. If I had friends I can trust on I would be happy for the rest of my life. Friends make life happier.

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