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Their happiness should be your top priority

Hello everyone,

I am expressing myself for the first time online. Its just feelings right out of my heart and about my whole life experience.

I would call myself as Mr. Holmes here (Though it is not my real name :P).

I am 21 and I had always tried to live ideally my whole life. That means that I have always tried to think and act ideally in every situation in my life. We are always taught by our parents and teachers to always think or act or take things in life in a specific way. That is what I call being ideal. I have always tried to follow that until now!

Until the time I found out that this world is no ideal world. It is a whole different world. That the real knowledge comes when you experience and analyse it for yourself. That being genuine and good hearted is taken as being fake. That bad guys get their works done easily while the good ones suffer. That being smart is not just an advantage but the necessity today.

I have had betrayals and people living me just because I tried to follow the ideal path. I have given it enough time and thought and so I have come to the conclusion that although it is very good to think about other people but it should not come on the cost of your own happiness, your family’s and your friends’ happiness. The real living is when you live openly, when you express yourself openly.

And so I have come to the conclusion that there are just a few people, whom you can count on fingers, that truly thinks about you selflessly. And they are the ones you should be focusing on. Their happiness should be your top priority. Only when their happiness is confirmed you should start thinking about other people and your country or this world.

Am I not right when I say that trying to live ideally can potentially leave you empty inside? Think about it!


P.S. : Any review or suggestion will be highly appreciated.

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