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I’m so young, not ready for anything serious, I wanna play around

I’m Meadow, a sixteen years old teenager, just like other teenager, I have a crush. I believed in love at first sight. I know, it sound stupid right. Well, now that I think of it, it really is stupid. I fell ” in love ” with a guy. His looks, so cold, so mature, never had I seen him smile ever. What I did when I get home, I stalk him, his social media, ask some of his friends about him. They say, he is a shy guy who never associate with any girls. That makes me want him even more. One of his friends told him I have a crush on him. Oh hell I thought I was doomed. But I never knew that after a few months, we are a couple. That’s when I realise that, love is just a game. Not to him, but to me. Am I a player? He loves me so much, he care for me, he text me every single day. But me? I keep thinking about ways to break up with him. Not that I found someone new or whatever, I’m just not sure if relationship is really my thing. I mean, I’m so young, not ready for anything serious, I wanna play around. I’m such a jerk huh?

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