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I was so happy I could die

My name is Kris, and I think I’m in love
Let me be clear, I am in no way naive, or stupid. I say this because I’m only fourteen and don’t want to be judged. Let me start from where my life went a little sour.

I was eleven years old and in 6th grade, almost. It was 5th grade summer break. I was excited to see my dad for the summer when he told me, he was taking a job 8 hours away, a distance nobody want to drive every weekend. I had already been experiencing depression and anxiety at the time, and this didn’t help. My mother, though never hitting or hating me, was a very hate filled person. Me, being a positive person, hated this and it made me more depressed. It was about a 2 weeks left of summer break, when my mother signed me up for my first middle school. I was excited, for a depressed person and hoped that this school would bring happiness or something interesting, when all it brought was stress. I went to an A+ student, to failing 4 classes. It was 2 months into the year when I had decided to end my life.

This was a thing that was etched into my mind for a while, but the day I was gonna do it, I heard a voice for the first time. The girl who sat across from me spoke, which for her was unusual. We went to talking and actually learned we had many of the same interests, like the games, and other things. She was a nice girl, laughed at my jokes, good listener, and was quite pretty. She, would end up saving my life without knowing it. We had a lot of time to talk together and I decided I wanted to get to know this girl. It was through all of 6th grade that everyone was saying we’d make a good couple, but a girl like her would never like me.

Skip forward to 7th grade, new year, same school. Her and I hadn’t talked for about a month till I saw her in the hallway, when I decided to say hi. She was still very shy and very nervous around me which was normal for her, still sweet and angelic. I knew I liked this girl, but why would she ever be with me? Well, turns out she liked me since 6th grade, according to her friend, who never lies apparently, so I decided to ask her to be my girlfriend, and she said yes.

I was so happy I could die, but I know she was with me out of pity, now I won’t bore you with day to day stuff but heres the deal. She makes me so happy, just by being around. She even said “I love you” first, but I never believed it. I ever wanted her to say it back when I said it to her, and to this day at age fourteen, I still will never believe it even though she tells me everyday. We haven’t kissed, because we’re never alone and she’s shy so I don’t rush anything, and we work on school projects together all the time. I know how I feel about this girl, and no matter if we’re together or not. I owe her my life. Thank you

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