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My breathing becomes difficult when we ignore each other

I love her but I’m afraid I’ll never be able to tell her. We’re good friends at the moment but, every now and then we sort of randomly ignore each other at the same time. It’s so very indescribable, I can’t ask any of my friends for help. At the moment all I can do is hope she likes me and makes a first move. It feels like I’m being tortured and I can’t stand those few moments when it gets too awkward to interact with each other. I wish it was only the good times we have and the smiles and the silly laughter. It’s like there’s something wrong and neither of us know what it is yet. I am far too afraid to even attempt to confront her about it. I think she’s too nervous as well. I need help. I can fell myself being crushed under the pressure. My breathing becomes difficult when we ignore each other and I start to feel like something horrible constantly just happened. I need her to be happy for me to be myself again.

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  1. Just go for it, if you love her tell her you don’t want something to happen and for it to be to late to say anything to her. If she makes you feel that way, tell her.

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