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I was holding onto my feelings and she was, reciprocating feelings for another girl

I’m a girl. I had feelings for this girl for 4 years. She had said before that she could never fall for a person of the same sex. So, I never told her how I felt for fear of jeopardising our friendship. One day, she told me her colleague had feelings for her. The colleague was a girl. The problem? She thought she felt the same way about her too. I can’t tell you how broken my heart was when I heard that. The irony is unfathomable. There I was holding my feelings and there she was, reciprocating feelings for another girl. I was devastated. I couldn’t do it anymore. I confessed to her that night. She replied saying she was shocked and she had no idea. The saddest part was, she didn’t feel the same way about me. We never contacted each other after that for several months. It was a painful time for me. We went from texting each other every single day to being total strangers. Time passed, I eventually moved on. I met someone. As for that girl, I think she and that colleague are together now. They moved in together. I don’t know if it’s right for me to still feel this way, but a part of me still breaks a little when I see their photos together on FB. And I have this anger inside of me, about how she treated me after my confession and how she brought that colleague to a reunion dinner. That dinner was meant for me, her, and another close friend. We hadn’t talked in a year and just wanted to catch up. I felt it was unfair and especially cruel for her to just bring that colleague to join in knowing her history with me and still rubbed her in my face. I can’t tell anyone about this as nobody knows. It’s really hard on me and I just want to let it go. I want to be able to look at their photos and can’t be bothered. I want to be free and know that I have completely let go. I don’t want to have jealousy and anger towards her especially when I’m already with someone else because it’s unfair to this person too. Can somebody give me some advice? Help please.

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