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I wonder if you remember me or maybe us together

To Her

You’re gone now. I came back here to find a part of you. A piece of you because my memories are fading. They threw what they could find of you away. I wonder how someone could be there everyday from the time of my youth and disappear without a trace or scrap. I wonder if you remember me or maybe us together. Maybe us growing up together. I was a part of your family. Our two families erased their respective memories of us. A great crime? Or maybe fear. What were you afraid of? My impending poverty? My frustration? My anger? All of our life we lived was destroyed by those ancient evils that devour love. Lust, desire, greed, money, hate and Jealousy. I believed that no force could destroy us. We agreed on that. Your will made it so. I’m a loser baby so why didn’t you kill me? I am painfully lost without you. I knew your loss would destroy me. Everyone sees it. All these years later I wait for you. Maybe when I’m old and gray you will at least talk to me. To hear your voice again… Oh how I miss you.

I am alone in the desert. Remember: “There is nothing in the desert and no man needs nothing.”

I love you eternally. Forever. Through space and time or there and back again. In through the out door you went but I will see you again. No gods could stop me. Only you. Only me. Don’t

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