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Friendship like a blessing of god to me

Friendship like a blessing of god to me. I love my friends who think I am a friend of them and also who don’t think I am of no use to them. But losing a friend is like losing one of your limbs that was with you for a long time. Recently I faced a really confusing situation where I thought I fall in love with my best friend. But knowing the fact that she wants someone else I thought I should not think like that. Then one day I heard from her that she actually doesn’t love him rather they are close friends but she told me that guy really likes him and we have some common friends who also know this fact. So, I consulted this fact with one of my closest friend and he suggested me to talk to her about it. So, I told her that I am facing a problem and I want to share it with you. So, I talked with her about that. That I am facing this problem and I know this is not going to happen and also this won’t be beneficial for any one of us as both of us don’t like this early commitment thing. She appreciated my decision that I shared it with her. So, I thought everything is cool as She told me that she actually happy that I was honest with her. But after that day she behaved differently. She doesn’t knock me in Facebook or even doesn’t show interest when I knock her. The way we used to talk, things that we share it’s not like the previous days. Later I realized that I didn’t fall in love rather the friendship got so strong and I was confused about that. But her attitude towards me changed totally. What have I done really? As a friend when she told me that she is so thankful that she had me by her side when she needed a true friend and now when I faced a problem and I needed to share it with her she gave me this reply. Truly this world doesn’t deserve good friendship or good people. The world will only value the selfish, filled with negativity people who will act as a friend for some time and when they are done with their business they won’t care about who you are, what you mean to them. Is there any solution or I just wasted your time making it ambiguous and confusing?

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