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I am a burden

I used to be bright, intelligent and healthy student till class 10th the day I entered 11th my life took a turn against me. I still remember the day 21st April 2015 from that day I started getting ill and till today I am sick. I never broke down but now its high time. Between all this my parents supported me a lot. They helped me, they cared for they did all they can. they use to cry but never in front of me. Today I am alive just because of them. They consulted me to the best doctor gave all their time to me. But now due to my illness I am have become short tempered, frustrated. I easily get angry on the despite they did so much for me. I am have started feeling I am burden tension bad luck trouble liability garbage which has no value. I used to be topper now I have no interest in studies I have become lazy. I have no future, it is all dark. Full day I just lay lamely on bed. I can’t do anything I am tired of all this. I am tired and frustrated of myself. I tried to stand and be strong but now I am all broken up into pieces.

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  1. I got tears in my eye reading your post, i can relate to your feelings. Damn, it hurts to live everyday.

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