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I begged and begged and she finally forgave me

I have been living with DeJoie for almost a year. She’s a very good woman! The kind that any real man would be blessed to have.  I didn’t respect what I had in her.
Back in June, DeJoie put me out because I was video sexting from her home and her bed with Keisha from work.
I begged and begged and she finally forgave me after almost 2 months and let me come back.
I wasn’t wise enough to understand that she wanted me she doesn’t need me. She helped me reconnect with my older children and even made sure I had something for my granddaughter when she took me to meet her.
I have been blessed beyond measure to know her and have her support. When I lost my job 6 months ago, she didn’t make me feel less than a man.
Fast forward, DeJoie put me again after I continued to lie to her. I left her house to meet up with an old flame. Joanne who is married. DeJoie had enough.
People keep saying I don’t know what I want. DeJoie would work with me to achieve whatever we were doing, a real woman.
I stayed in touch with Mary cause she so desperate she’ll believe whatever I tell her. Right now, she buying my kids and grand baby Christmas gifts.
I’m around here telling everybody DeJoie is crazy and she doing all this negative stuff to me. Not true. She’s crazy smart. Even though she put me out she still made sure my unemployment paperwork got done and I got paid.
The moral is you must grow up at some point.  DeJoie has everything you could imagine and she was willing to share with me and help me come up but, I’m still trying to get whatever I can from any woman that will take care of me.

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