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Looking for a messed up girl

Looking for a messed up girl
The perfect kind of messed up
Wonder where you are
Wonder how you look
Wonder what’s your name
I know one thing about you
You know the word love
It’s more than just a word
You know that too
Wondering when we will hold hands
Wondering do you like rain
I wish I could give you
Flowers which you like
Bring you a smile
Can’t wait to hear your stories
Yours past
All things even silly ones
You did
I won’t laugh a lot OK
I will laugh but with you
I am sure many have told you
You are beautiful
But I wanna say I am sure
You are beautiful on inside
Much more
One day there will be no distance between us
You will be right in front of me
The day we meet from that day
To forever I will never leave you
So don’t worry about anything
After you meet me


One Comment

  1. you will find her i assure you you have to believe and never give up there are not many guys like you left who just want honesty and being 100 with each other and actually believing in love and it being more than ‘love’ and i gather you have probably been hurt? since you are looking for someone messed up or maybe messed up just means different from everyone else
    I sincerely wish for you that you may find such a significant other that deeply cares for you and will not push you away but embrace you
    you sound like a nice guy

    Good luck and I wish you all the best

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