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I try so hard for it to not bother me at all

I don’t know how did I end up here, about five minutes ago, I was creating a website for myself where I thought I will share my thoughts but then I came across this website and I am just sharing the heavy burden on my heart and putting an end to everything.

I feel restless, you know that time when you feel like you know everyone in your surroundings, you feel like you know their actions, you know their thoughts, you know what kind of person they are but somehow at that moment you fell into this dark hole and things which seemed familiar to you are unfamiliar now. Everything is new and you just feel like you are lost.

That’s what I am feeling right now. Few months ago, life was a perfect picture, but now, everything is changed. I try so hard for it to not bother me at all the thoughts just keeps haunting me all the time. I keep telling myself that I am strong but it seems like I am not. I can’t let people use me all the time and then let them act like we are okay. Because we really not – I am not.

Why do people do this? Why do we break each other’s heart? Can’t we all be honest and loyal to our loved ones or at least to the people who treasure us a lot. We can’t make a perfect world with perfect people but at least we can be one? Take the first step. I believe that It’s never too late for anything, everyone in this world have a good side and we all can be together to make a change.



  1. jesus christ, i also wanted to create a blog but it was too much work and i came across this page

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