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I was so happy when my boyfriend dumped me

So here is the whole story:

I dated this guy for a little over a month. I’ll be honest, the first week wasn’t bad at all I had fun hanging out with him and his friends. Then I don’t know, after the first week it just kind of went downhill. He wouldn’t give me any space, he always wanted to hang out with me and every single weekend. Even when I needed to study or I wanted to hang out with other people he would throw a hissy fit and get mad at me. So, after the first week I wanted to break up with him because I didn’t think our relationship was healthy. He would ignore me in front of his friends, he would flirt with other girls right in front of me, and he would always want to make out with me and it started getting really annoyed to be honest he was acting like a douche but I never stuck up for myself. So, the day before he broke up with me I was ignoring him, I ignored his calls and his snapchats because I finally realized this guy treated me like shit. I have dated plenty of guys before and some have treated me well and the others treated me like crap. So, now when I’m not being treated with respect and this boy did not respect me at all. He would always make gross sexual jokes with me and slap my butt and uh it’s just disgusting. But anyways, when I was ignoring him his friends asked me what was wrong. So, I told them and they all started freaking out. All the girls agreed that he treated me like shit but they never stuck up for me. But all the boys said that he “never” did any of those things to me. They called me a whore and that he never would flirt with other girls in front of me and that I was the one who as flirting with them. When I was just being a nice person whenever they were there I would say Hi and if no one else was talking to one of his friends I would go over there and talk them so they didn’t feel left out. And they were so rude to me and called me names of sent videos of my ex laughing with them and they were saying on the video about how terrible of a person I am and stuff like that. So, the next day he comes up to me and breaks it off. And I was so happy I have been trying to do that for weeks. But what I’m upset about is how him and his friends are treating me. I see them 24/7 and I would consider what they do bullying. Honestly, I know I should have come to my ex and told him about our problems instead of telling his friends but I feel like they blown this out of proportion. We had an argument and we broke up. end of story they need to grow up and stop gossiping about me because couples fight all the time and breakup that’s life


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