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I’ve been mentally, emotionally and sexually abused.

I have been hurt mentally, physically and emotionally. When my husband use to get angry and just talk to me badly, he would make it seem everything was my fault. He called me a bitch a, whore, slut, everything you can think of. He belittled me. He forced me to do anal, and oral sex. He already hit me. And I must lie and pretend that I’m okay when I am not. He came on my face and took a picture of it while I was drunk. He said he deleted it and emailed it to himself. I no longer trust this man. My love has chipped away a long time ago. I don’t know why I still hold on. He gets me drunk to take advantage of me. This time he took it to far. He can’t please me anymore. He only made me cum at least 5-6 times in a 3 year period. He buys me stuff to make up for what he does. He tries to make me do stuff he see in porn. He says my own family isn’t even good for me. I hate my life. I’ve been mentally, emotionally and sexually abused.


  1. I hope you’re ok I’m know stranger but stay strong I’m feeling broken to. One day all people like us will get justices,freedom and love that we deserves . 🙂

  2. My mom is in the same situation. My father has done unspeakable things. My mom still cries about him when she misses him. She got used to the abuse. But I managed to get a house with my mom and trying to keep that sick fuck away from her. I suggest you should get away also. Your life will always be depressing if you stay with that man. Just get away…

  3. I hope your situation has been sorted – if not, I am so incredibly sorry. I hope with my whole heart you are okay. Please be okay.

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