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I had trouble in the bedroom.

I have a serious love and we are dating from 3 years.
I want to make my girlfriend happy, I always try my best but I fail in that. She is cutest girl of the universe!
This week we went to Goa with friends.
Yesterday we tried for the first time to have sex. We started it and I was unable to get erection (I don’t have any disease, I was little nervous) she was not happy, I wanted to make her happy, It was breaking moment for me. She is nicest person I have ever met and I am the worst guy, the worst.
I was very tired because I have not slept properly since 3-4 days.
She wanted we spend time together, I seriously wanted to spend my time with her, i don’t know when I will sleep. I fucking wanted to spend my time with her, I was very much tired, I want that moment back, I want her to be happy, I am an ass hole and I seriously feel everything is a waste. I want her to be happy.

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