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I have the worst boss in the world.

I met the most super disgusting and super impolite boss I never met before. He is a terrible person I never met before too. When he is talking, I think that I can hear his sounds as far away as 3 km. The worker resign when he is only work for two days. I am waiting for study and he is my aunt’s friend, so I can’t resign!!! I hate that!! He haven’t pay the November salary to us yet and he pay to a cleaning aunt yesterday but he scold the aunt when he is paying!! He says that you are not a good cleaner and here is dirty, there is not clean. I do not know why have this kind of people in this world. Now, what I hope is just the time can go as fast as possible. I am waiting for my University’s life on April and never be back to this rubbish company!!

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