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I don’t really know who I am

I don’t really know who I am. All I know is I’m always fighting to protect an ego. It’s the ego I carry around with me. The one that protects the real me and doesn’t let me free at the same time. So, this ego of mine is like a mask. I’m putting on a show, it’s not me and unless I put the ego away, I will never discover who the real me is. Because you see the real me is hiding behind the ego because the real me is afraid to come out. Or at least that’s how it used to be. The real me used to hide behind the ego to protect me. But as time went by this ego began to enjoy the power of pretending to be me. Now it’s taken over and it won’t let me free. Because you see, every time I try to come out and expose the real me, my ego tightens the lock of the door in front of me more and more. I’m afraid, I always have been. I’ve never really known who I am because my ego never let me figure myself out. It always just wanted to take over and keep me from harm. But in doing so, I was harmed. I don’t know who I really am. On the outside my ego tries to put up a show. When the truth is, with time, I’ve become a shallow person and I’m losing myself as every day goes by. I don’t know who I really am, maybe at some point I was beginning to understand who I was. But too many things got in the way. Like my happiness depending on another person.

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  1. We all wear mask…and the mask can stay on for years. All i can say is if you feel the mask is a problem you must tear it off and cast it away forever! be proud of who is behind the mask not the mask, this wont be easy but its worth it life gets easier if you love who you are so:
    Remove the mask…

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