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Always Be Ready to Accept the Challenges of Life

I just think that (Nothing is impossible if we are ready to make it possible.) this is my tag line whenever I get depressed than I just repeat this line twice or thrice and start our works continuously. So, there is my small story which is I am going to share with u because I think some of will may inspire.
As I belongs from a village so my family members are not so rich enough that they can provide me the convent school education so obviously I started my education from village school only from that village schooling I completed my 8th standard and after completing my 8th my father and mother decided to send in government college which is situated within the village this is the only college in my village under 10km of radius so all students from that area used to come and study in the same college.
As I am elder one in my family having one younger sister and brother o sorry I forgot to introduce about my family so here is the introduction that my father is working as tailor in small garment manufacturing company to earn their live and my mother is housewife.
Suddenly someone told to my father that there is new English medium school is opened at my district town so for your son’s better future u can send him on that school but my father become confused because he is thinking about me that how will I go to the school as our village is 40 km far from the district town as my father is very serious about my good education till now I was unaware from these gossiping which are continuously going in my home. My mother and father both used to talk late night about my education that how can I get the good education but after passing one or two weeks our father finally decided that I am not going to out of my village because he thought that how they will manage the expenses because all money cannot be expense over to me.
But my mother is very interested to send me in a good school for good education although she is not educated but for their children’s education she is very excited so later on my parents decided to send me in a good school and finally they agreed in compromising their expenditures.
So as soon as July month came I took the admission again in 8th class as I already passed my 8th standard from our village Hindi medium school so I am also very excited regarding my new school and also worried about that can I handle the English medium as everything will be in English but myself cannot say to my parents about these problems because I do not want to break the confidence level which they had over to me.
Before these things, I want to tell u something about me that I am not a very talented guy not a duffer but u can say that me as an average guy means a boy who is going to school and completed their home work in time or some time not so basically an average not good not bad a medium boy.
Hence our education starts from the out of my village daily we used to wake up early in the morning to get ready for the school as our school bus come at 6 o clock in my village so this routine continuously goes for last two years but in between these two years we faced a lot of difficulties in arranging the school fee and also a big incident took place that is my mother get heart attack so this is very bad time
for me and my family every one become hope less due to this and my mother admitted in Kanpur heart hospital after the three days dr. decided for operation as pace maker m/c is required for my mother so being a middle-class family it’s a very difficult to arrange the money at a time so its god knows how our father and our family members arranged the money for my mother operation and other things during this time my father totally become depressed about family that what will happen?
Every one supported a lot during this bad period thanks god and those who helped without any return but some of making joke of this so who cares about all these things so now come to the next point.
After completing the 18 days my mother dispatched from the hospital and we all were very happy and slowly- slowly things become in our favour and our life comes again on the track.
In this way, our two years passed and I entered in 10th class and started living in same city on rent.
Now situation is this that we are three brother and sister so now everybody studying but only one person is there to earn the money so we have to adjust a lot in our expenditures and other things it means we didn’t have the fee that we can have the tuition for any subject but my teachers are very good that they understand me and my economic condition and some of teachers start giving me tuition without taking any fee of that as I already told u that I am not a very talented student but I am only an average student so in my 10th level I scored the 74.4% marks .
So facing all these things I passed my 12th with aggregate 64.4 % it was a great achievement for me because some of my classmate failed in 12th class in this way I have completed my 12th but now it was a big challenge for me that after 12th what I will do because a lot of money was spent on me and also my father economic condition.
After passing 12th class I was interested in engineering I mean I want to admission in a government college whether it is a polytechnic diploma and also I appeared in engineering exams entrance test but I could not crack it because my basic is not strong so I want to coaching of these engineering exams but unfortunately my family cannot provide me the fees as economic conditions are very bad so from here our life taken the u turn.
As I discussed with my entire life and academic education so now it’s the time to take a big decision of life that is about my career that what we have to do now so still the conditions are same for me.
My father told me to that come back home and completes your graduation but I am little bit confused about me that what we have to do now but finally I decided that I am not going to stay at my home and once again I back to our district town where I took the admission in graduation and started studying for B.Sc. but daily I was not attend the lectures of B.Sc. class so I started teaching in a school and also started to give the home tuition so in this way I managed my expenditures and also make free to my parents from pocket money. In this way I spend six month still I am not clear about my career that what I will do so one day I am reading the newspaper in my village and I saw a add of two institutes one is IIFD (INDIAN INSTITUTE OF FOOTWEAR DESIGN) and another one is ATDC (APPAREL TRAINING & DESIGN
CENTER) so I thought these are the institutes where I can take the education in minimum fees because for me money is the problem so I decided to know more about that IIFD and after one week I left for NOIDA and I stayed with my one brother who is my neighbour in my village and next day I walk for that institute where I see students are very high class from inside I am very happy but this happiness converted into sad feeling when I listen about the fees of that course because my parents cannot pay that much so at last I came back to my home and I still I am very upset but after passing one or two week once again I decided to see the next institute that is ATDC and I Google it and find the nearest city training centre and hopefully it is in Kanpur which is only 100 km away from my village .so next morning I moved for Kanpur and after asking the address I reached to our destination and finally I met with principal of that institute and cleared my all queries regarding admission ,course and fee of that particular institute . It’s not too much but for me this also too much the one year fee of that course was 35000rs.
But now this time I finally clear my mind that I am going to take the admission in ATDC Kanpur and the course was of one years and I all ready told u that the fee of that course is only 35000 rupees so this was also hard decision for me and my family but the fee was not going to deposit in one time this is in 4 instalments so this is very good for me to arrange the money and from here our journey of life start with very rough and tough situations.
At last that day came when I left the house for studying and u would not believe that when I left the home I have only 1 thousands rupees which was arranged by my parents and I kept all the things which were required for me to stay out and one of my neighbour uncle helped me to reach out that place there is one more interesting thing happen that still I have never contacted to any one for room previously when I went for college admission than only I contacted one of guard for the room at that place and I have taken the phone no. of that person also .
Now when I reached that place I called up that person and asks for room he told me that he did not enquired any room for me now I become totally hopeless that what will happen now but after some time I again called him than he told me that wait for 10 minutes I knew one person if he is ready for offer the room for rent than I will call u.
But I also fully positively charged I thought a while and said to my own soul that if he will not help me to find out a room than I myself search whether it may take a too much time because no one knew me at that place.
Again after 10 minutes I called him and now the decision is in our favour we have got a room and I shifted my luggage in that room excepting all the conditions offered by the room owner because at this time I want a place to keep my luggage.
Everybody knows that in 1000 rupees we cannot survive in a city because the minimum room rent of a city is 1000 rupees and I also have only 1000 rupees with me I know very well that in this small money I cannot do anything so before leaving our home I shared all these situations to my girlfriend he understood me and my conditions and also he given me 1000 rupees and this 1000 rupees of money makes me live freely in Kanpur hence I shifted to Kanpur and started studying in ATDC Kanpur.
According to my conditions we have to arrange the pocket money by self so having a plan in my mind I started working on that plan and the plan was about to that how to manage our expenses like room rent, pocket money and food materials etc. and plan was that I want to give the home tuition to that local area children’s up to 9th class so going forward on this plan we have to search the children’s in that area for this we contacted our my room owner that is aunt and she is very good in behaviour although she is very fat so due to fatty body she cannot do some work properly for this she used to call me for help for this help she gives me the food 3 to 4 days in a week .
So I told to aunty about my tuition plan and after telling this within one day she told me that there are three children who want tuition I am waiting for this opportunity and I agreed for this slowly- slowly our student strength increased and our monthly income become 2500 rupees and this money is enough to survive on that place.

As I already told u that our parents are not agreed for the admission in institute but they have put a condition in front of me that I can pay your fee but I cannot bear your expenses but I agreed for this because I already have a plan.
As facing all these situations continuously I running with my passion towards my goal and the goal was only is that at least I can maintain my wages without depending on my parents.
During studying a lot of problems came but I never accept the failure with these hard situations.
In this way our study reached to a destination point that is exams and I completed my exams.
During our study period we always ask for the interviews and internships to our teachers and principal madam and I think our group is the best group among all the students and in my group 10 girls and boys were there and all are eager to get the job as soon as possible nobody wants to waste the time after completing the exams so before the exams we have visited nearby industries as like spinning industry garment industry and also teachers send me in a big terry towel company i.e. LAKSHMI COTSYN LTD. But I did not selected as I told that I want to join merchandising but recruiter said that no position available for merchandising when our exams are going than our madam informed me about the job fair that was going to held in GURGAON but now as GURUGRAM.
So after completing the exams just after few days we have to move for GURUGRAM for my job interview and next morning we moved for Delhi with my three friends and finally that day come when our interview was going to held please note one point in these days I am omitting these points to shorten our story so we reached the interview place and after reaching our placement head told me that who told u to come here? it was a great shock for me and all than after 10 minutes madam told that still u are here than again we all are shocked than we asked that where we have to go than he explained all the things properly that today ORIENT CRAT LTD. Is tacking the interview so go to company itself and from tomorrow morning the job fair is start after listen all these things we quickly move for that company but thanks god! We reached on time .before reaching me on that place 70 students already
reached on that place for interview after this company staff stated a place to sit all students and we all gathered there and one of company HR representative explained about the company profile and about their policies and after this they have taken a written test and then a group discussion and after that personnel interview this the first long interview of my life and finally I selected for that company with my all friends and company recruiters said that on tomorrow u will receive your offer letters in front of union textile minister in ATC head office and this was the great moment of my life and I am very happy that something I have done in my life .
Next day I reached at ATDC head office all the senior persons are busy in preparing all the things for the chief guest honourable union textile minister.
And by luck madam selected me for receiving the offer later because of only my formal dress and most of students are in civil ethics in this way we received the offer later and returned home. And my joining was just after 5 days so we have to bring all the things with me because it’s a first time when I am going to settle in metropolitan city so everything was new for me.
Finally we came with my 2 friends and within 2 hours we searched a room and put my all luggage and we all are very happy that we got a job so from next day we have to join the new company.
Next day we went to our new company and meet with the new people and my department manager and seniors and one of senior asked to me about me and my education as like an interview so after doing all these things he send me out on production floor and told me to write down the things what u see on the floor according to him I done all these things.
After two or three days they have decided to send me in cutting department individually to look after the cutting and the extra overtime.
But finally I do not want to do work in cutting department so I become irritate and once thought that leave the job but finally we need the money so at last we have to do my job.
Then I start to see the positive phase of job and once again concentrated upon my job and after completing my 4 months my department head see something in me and transferred to production department so again this was a great moment for me and I thought ‘’where there is a will there is a way’’.
Keep this slogan on my mind I continue doing my job so after one year the result is in my favour that is my HOD given me the responsibility of one production floor individually on seeing my dedication towards the work .
And again it’s a good opportunity for me to prove myself and being a passionate worker I give my 100%
To my work so during this one year period we have got the increment in salary and position whether the position is not changed in my identity card but physically I am doing my work with full executive
responsibilities so this dedication brings me in attention of all seniors and all appreciated me for my work .
During working in this year so many issues rises on production floor but having positive thing and dedication towards the goal helped me in sort out all these issues.
With this time span of one year we have got some opportunities and we tried for one but after working with 2 or 3 days we understood that they are not good in behaviour so finally I left that organization and comes back to same organization so after completing 3 years in same organization we have got one more new opportunity and we called for interview and hopefully I selected for interview and decide to join that organization because all the people of that organization are too good and educated but also they are highly positive attitude people so I joined with a good position with good package .



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