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I adopt the truth forever

One day looking at my happy and free attitude my teacher says that he hopes every kid was like you. Only to make me think forever “Why”? Looking at me I realized that I would be the worst role model ever because I was never that happy face, it was just a mask I put on to hide from others a very dark truth.
Talking about truth, I share a really surprising relationship with that word. I have a strange (good but still) habit of forever accepting a true statement if it offends my bad deeds. The reason I hate myself because it has destroyed me piece by piece today. My brother plays king of truth in my life. At around the age of 8, one day my dad brings home a pack of juice which I am crazy for but I have to share that with my brother. I start serving the juice and at the age of 8 like any kid my tempt overpowers my good girl habits and I start comparing our juices level in 2 glasses. A really bad thing, I know (today I understand too). My brother displays all anger of may be a man (or boy) and goes out cursing me. That really scares a kid of 8. Slowly I move into the living room where he is sitting watching television. I am really scared but seems to be enjoying my juice to him. He says “You know what you are so selfish you will never have friends in life.” Here comes my golden rule, a truth that offended my bad deed and I adopt it. Next day I go to school really afraid and come to know my classes are shuffled and my best friend is in the other division. I understand the truth forever. And the best part, I don’t have a friend till date and whenever I feel I have got one I lose them forever on my life because I do something wrong may be. Now I am habituated to start moving away from the friend I feel I’ve got the best of because I do not want to end it on bad note. You would have heard many stories about how it feels when your best friend gets close to someone else. But I can’t explain you what it is too slowly make your best friend move away so that they can get someone who never will be like me. It is difficult. And that frank happy attitude is to only attract the friends and just keep them with me may be because of that laugh only. At least for a while. And I forgot to tell you one thing about my habit that I adopt the truth forever EVEN IF IT HURTS ME.

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