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My Younger Sister Tried To Kill Herself

I don’t understand why. Why does it have to be her? She’s only fourteen. She has her future ahead of her. Everything, starts off easy at first but then it gets harder in life when you only have a younger sister that you love to death and would die for. She can only do certain things in life. She already has her love of her life. It doesn’t make any sense why she does these things to herself. A year ago, I almost lost my sister on overdose. She was only fourteen years old in 8th grade. Three or two years ago, she found out that she was gay, yes, I knew for a very long time way before my parents found out. When she finally told the family, she decided to come out and tell the school and that she wouldn’t care what others think about her. I told her that some people might think of you differently, but she didn’t listen. After a few weeks that the students at her school found out she has been getting teased by her classmate and her basketball team. So, one day when she came home she decided to wait till the family was asleep and my medication that I take at night and take Tylenol at the same time. I woke up because I heard someone knock on the door and woke my dad up and asked if there was a teenager that had overdosed and my dad said no, so he yelled at me and go to my sister’s room and see what she did or what’s going on with her. So, I found her crying having her phone by her hear and trying to gasp for air so she can breathe. When my dad came into the room he started yelling again and the cops came back and had to come inside because of what happened to my baby sister. When they saw, her they asked questions and did all their stuff. Finally, we got to the hospital I balled my eyes out for hours and hours because I thought she was going to die. They let me see her when they said that she was going to be just fine. We finally still had that baby girl in our home and we never had anything else happen to her. The End.

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