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I had everything, until I started gambling

Well, I really don’t know how start, I just wanted to express my feelings and to share with you a small part of my life. I am a twenty-four years old male from a country called Lebanon, I have two other brothers and I am the oldest. I come from a rich family, but I never relied of my parent’s wealth to achieve my goals or to get what I want. I am a sociable person, I have or I had plenty of friends, very peaceful and I bring happiness wherever I go. My life turned around four years ago, when I joined college, I was really excited for it, it started very well until I met one person who actually became my friend later on. I started my own business at the age of Nineteen and I was earning a good amount of profits monthly, my life was at its best, I had the girl I love, the friends who loved me and cared about me, and the best parents everyone wishes to have. So, this friend I mentioned earlier had a bad habit which is gambling! One day he convinced me to go with him to the Casino and I blame myself for the moment that I accepted to go with him. It all started with some few dollars on a stupid slot machine and ironically became a very bad addiction. Briefly, in three years I lost all what I had of Savings, I took a 5 Digits amount of money from my parents through this period, lying to them by telling it’s for Business while I was gambling, I reached a point where I am totally broke, my parents won’t give me a dime anymore, lost most of my friends if not all, and most importantly lost my love of my life after everyone discovered what I was doing. Last year I had this opportunity to travel abroad and work, it is like a fresh start for me, it started very well and I started getting some self-respect back, but unfortunately, I went back to gambling, and of course lost everything I saved in the first months. My current situation now is indescribable, living on Anti-Depressants, my parents don’t talk to me, I have no friends, I simply have nothing. I don’t deny that it’s all my fault! I wish I could get my previous back, I am struggling to survive and not able to do anything.

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