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I feel empty, yet I have everything anyone could ask for

Me… Who am I? I’m the girl who has everything anyone could ever ask for so why do I feel so empty? I have loving parents who have to deal with my shit they’ve dealt with me for 15 years… I get so angry at myself and I’m the most over – emotional person that you’ll meet. I constantly have drama in my life. I’ve been in and out of interface this year and have been to vista 2 times because of suicidal thoughts that takeover my mind and I’ve ran away countless times. The last time I ran away, I was gone for 3 days. Then I got sent to vista. I have a problem with constantly picking at my zits my face is always covered in big bumps and I spend at least an hour picking at any little zit or blackhead that I can find. I can’t stop, and my family is screwed up. My mom got raped when she was 16, then has me, found my stepfather and they’ve been married for 15 years they had my little brother who has autism and lives with my dad’s parents because we live in an apartment. My drug addicted aunt took all our money for drugs her husband who is a man child and my grandmother is not allowed to talk to me because she called d.c.f on my parents. My great grandma just passed away a few month ago while I was in fucking vista I’M IN THERAPY and I’m on Prozac 40 ml still not working for me. I’m in a school finally after 7 years of doing nothing. I’m in school and I’m taking g.e.d next year. I want to be an art teacher I love drawing it helps me a lot but for a girl who has everything. I still want to kill myself because I’m scared of myself. I’m scared of this life and my thoughts control my actions and there really bad actions. So there’s the life of the GIRL WHO HAS EVERYTHING- Regan

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  1. I literally was about to write a post about feeling empty but unable to figure out where the emptiness stemmed from. From reading this I can just tell you’re an amazing person who has dealt with so much and probably have held it in for so long. All I can say is thank you for writing this and you truly are a strong person.

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