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Why am I the one who ended up being alone?

I didn’t plan on sharing my story anonymously. I was looking for a psychiatrist actually with whom I could share my feelings and get a remedy. But somehow, I saw this link and I came here. The idea really intrigued me and now here I’m telling my life story to each one who is reading this post.

So here I go. I’m a boy from a city named Chandigarh. Few months ago, I quit my previous career and decided to chase my passion which is Animation. So, I took admission in a reputed college of Jaipur. Left my home and went there alone. My goals were clear and I was focused. I was the kind of guy who was determined on achieving his targets, a loner and a person who hated falling in love and being in a relationship. But when I went there, I met a girl which reminded me of my old-school crush in every way and manner. I really loved her. But circumstances went against us. But after a gap of 2 years when I met this girl in my new college, she simply reminded me of her. But still my conscience was clear. I chose to stay at distance from her but she somehow or the other always used to get me engaged with her. And within a week she told me that we could be best friends. After that she started sharing her personal life stuff with me. She even told me that she had a boyfriend. But later, I came to know that she had some issues with him. He wasn’t keeping her happy. Moreover, they were in a long-distance relationship so she was upset because of that too. The more we got to know each other the more she started pretending that I’m all she needs and has. She even asked me once about having a break up with her boyfriend. I replied whatever keeps you happy, you should do that. After some time, we started hanging out. She even invited me to have lunch with her parents at her home. She also told me that I’m the only one she can rely upon and who can make her dreams come true. I’m all she has. We even made plans together on staying together and working in the same animation studio. We used to spend most of our time with each other. She used to say that I Complete her and I always cheer her up. By this time, I really fell for her and started doing everything which I couldn’t do for my old-school girl. I literally drove myself to an extreme extent and started doing everything for her. We used to spend all the time with each other either physically or virtually on the phone. Things messed up when she changed her mind somehow. She started saying that she doesn’t deserve me, she should have never come in my life and blah blah blah. She wanted to me to just be friends with her and when I started acting like a formal friend, she stopped talking to me and for that she had an excuse that I was behaving in a strange manner with her which by the way she told me to do. Then the night came when only an hour was left before her birthday. I as working and suddenly I receive a call from her. She told me that she couldn’t stop thinking about me and couldn’t get relief without talking to me. I replied the same. Then conversation went ahead and I wished her birthday right at twelve. The next day when we met we had an awkward thing between us. She wasn’t talking to me and I was shattered. At the end of the day before she went home, I gave her some cookies as a present which she really liked and thanked me for. But during night our conversation got heated up when we were talking on the phone and she told me that I stand nowhere in her life. I’ve never done anything for her and will never be of any importance to her. There were some other disgusting things too which she said and I can’t share but since that day we haven’t talked. I even came to know that she has repeated same things with some other people too. After knowing that I literally got in a state of shock. I got myself into a company of people which only pretended to be on my side but later switched their sides. For the first time in my life I was feeling helpless and there’s no one I could rely upon. It’s been months and now the situation is that I’m being blamed for everything and I’m the one who is considered as the main culprit. The question is, even after doing good for everyone, why am I the one who ended up being alone?


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  1. I don’t think you were wrong in being by her side. Though you should’ve inquired about her but still seems like you liked her genuinely. It happens in life sometimes. Mistakes only happen so that they can teach us something. Focus on work, someday you’ll get someone who deserves you. Be positive. ?

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