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He is seeing someone else

I have turned so sensitive and fragile. I met this boy not going to say the name we met in college he and I were friends. He made me confess my love for him one day and then he said he would never leave me we started hangout quite often. I felt happy with him even though we were not dating he one day. He invited me to his house because college was ending and I wanted to see him we were watching a movie and he pulled me close to him. We cuddled and I fell asleep in his arms few days later we had an argument and we stopped talking. Few days later he posts in his SnapChat Story that he is leaving and I turned weak. I asked him to meet before he leaves for army he said okay. Then I went to house for movie we came close and he tried to kiss but I didn’t let him because I didn’t want to lose him again. Then we kissed in bed and kissed in neck to I was scared because I knew I would lose him again. Few days later, I told him I might get engaged next year, but said it’s ok cause he is seeing someone. To my heartaches because I love him so much and he’s the seeing someone. I not even taken I love him still I ignore his Snapchat story because it gives me pain when even look at him. I wish I never confess my love for him because I can’t see him with someone else not till. I am taken why is people one come so close to us hurt us and then leave I hate one sided love I wish I lose my memory forever and forget him. I don’t want to remember him at all its hurts every day I cry in my sleep. I wish I lose my memory and forget him.

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  1. Hey. I am going through the same. Time will heal everything. And the right person will come into your life

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