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No one knows who you are deep down

It always boggles my mind that nobody – except your own self – truly knows who you are deep down. And sometimes, you don’t even know yourself. I still feel like I have so many questions that I’m trying to find answers to about myself. I’ve been in a relationship for 12 years with my current boyfriend and there are so many parts of myself that even he doesn’t know. I long to be able to completely expose my soul and thoughts to someone without being judged or being told opinions about my thoughts or actions. I hope that one day I can find someone to tell my story to. Someone that will genuinely be interested and even ask questions. I know there are people that say they have someone that knows their deepest secrets. I find that so strange, because I feel like I have so many secrets. What a wonderful feeling it would be to be able to just bare all thoughts and answer any question without any fear of being judged. So, I’m asking all of you, how many of you feel like you have many secret thoughts or decisions from your past that you keep to yourself? How many feel like you truly don’t have anything hidden and what people see is who you are?


  1. I am not sure were exactly you are but I am physically in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean. If I am not out working, I am just hanging around the Cities central station, probably reading on my kindle or people watching while drinking a hot cup of coffee.. I would love to listen to your life’s experiences as I have always find it interesting to listen and talk to people without giving malice or any type of maligned judgement. When our paths crossed, coffee is on me 😀 cheers mate! Just letting you know that someone out here down below the earths equator, there is a person willing to listen, talk and asked you questions without any motives.

  2. I go to counseling to help me find what’s going on up in my mind , and even though he’s asking questions and I’m answering I still feel like you , there’s some things I feel that I don’t want others to know ,,, but , I will admit my gay s dual past , that’s one thing we’re talking about.

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