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Mother where were you?

Mother where were you?

Mother where were you?
I cried for you,
I wanted you to hold me and fight my demons for me,
Yet you let it all be and let me wail with great emotions running wild

Mother where were you,
Have you left me,
I feel betrayed

Mother where were you?
You left me to be destroyed
By whom who deceived me and…dared
To take my innocence away

Mother where are you?
I want you to hold me,
To hold me,
If not just scold me,

Mother tell me truthfully,
Do you love me?

Mother I feel destroyed.
Mother, Mother, Mother you hear me cry
Yet you refuse to reply,
I am desperate now Mother
Enraged, repressed, depressed in this lie
Joyless, self-destructive, broken
Do you even want to know why?

MOTHER, need I go on,
I plea, please be by my side,

I fell destroyed and hurt,
Mother have you also abandoned me?
Mother, I may die.
Care to know why?
Mother, just know I love you, of that I do not lie
Mother, do not forget me for its time for me to fly

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