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It’s the new year, so I’m going to let myself be happy

I know most people who share things on here are probably in a bad place. Is it bad that I want to share how I’m feeling right now even though it’ll probably just annoy people, like “Oh, look, she’s *happy*. Good for her.” But it’s the new year, so I’m going to let myself be happy.
2016 wasn’t the best. It wasn’t the worst, for sure, definitely not, and my problems are incredibly first world. 2016 was also absolutely amazing – I fell in love with a boy who has changed my life and developed a relationship with him like I’ve never had before. But I also got bullied by his friend group for being “flat-chested”, which severely lowered my self-esteem and made me super unhappy, and it also resulted in my boyfriend losing all of his friends for about 6 months. He then became friends with them again, after a long long time, which killed me inside, and ever since I have struggled with extreme hatred towards them and extreme jealousy when he hangs out with them. But it is a new year. I am going to try and fix this. I cannot let this horrible side of me ruin and run my life and relationship. It is not worth it.
In this current moment, I am happy. I have spent a day with the boy I love, an amazing, perfect day. I am prepared for school tomorrow. I hate all my friends but I’m comfortable with that. Everything is okay. Everything will be okay. I am going to become a good, real, nice person.
Everything is okay.
Whoever you are reading this, if there is anyone reading this, remember. Everything is okay. There is always a solution to your problem, however difficult it may be – there are people you can talk to. Never be afraid to reach out for help. Stand up for yourself. Life is too precious and short to waste it being unhappy.
Live whilst you can.

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