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I will keep loving you

I know we can’t even meet in our whole life from now on. But I want to tell you that I will keep loving you till my last breath and you know I still feel you near me, the best feeling ever. Damm I have to wait for next life to meet you, just pray it will happen soon. Miss, You!

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  1. I would give up everything in this godforsaken world jus to be with her. Love hurts, it hurts A LOT. A call, a text, a message, or anything from her means more than anything in this shitty world. I met her over the summer at a university internship and have seen her in ages. I was lucky enough to get her phone number and text her occasionally. But I’ve been texting her over the past week and haven’t gotten anything back from her. God damn it, man! If only she knew how much she means to me. I have to put on a mask or a facade when I speak to my friends and family because I don’t want them to know how truly broken I am. I called her once and got a laugh from her. That laugh meant more than anything to me. She never leaves my mind, and I hopes she never does. Honest to god I think I’m losing it. If only she knew how much I love her. If she knew how long I wait for her messages. If she knew how much pain, suffering, and heartache I would go through for her Most people would tell me to move on, but I don’t wanna move on. I’ve had countless nights of crying and sadness because I value her more than I value myself. I don’t know if others share these feelings but it most certainly is painful as hell. I sometimes break down in joy when I see her messages. This feeling of “sad love” I have is so destructive yet I love it. When you love someone, but don’t know if they love you back.

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