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A moment in time

Ever have that moment? You know… That moment that will stick with you for the rest of your life, that one moment that you will never forget, that will always bring a smile to your face and will always make you feel the warmth… I’m sure it happens to everyone……..

It was 6:25am. The weekly morning safety meeting was about to start in 5 minutes. Everyone was mingling. Some were laughing loudly in groups and some were just sitting, drinking their morning drinks. I was on the far side of the room from where the supervision normally stand. This spot made me feel like I was out of the way and in a sense, hidden. I liked it here. I was one of 4 heavy equipment trainers. Well, I was pretty much the only trainer with actual experience other than a 1A licence. This was a bit of info that was kind of never talked about if you know what I mean. And in the past, I was occasionally called out to say a little something on the topic of choice for that morning. And so, I would always pick these significant spots that were out of the way to prevent that situation, and a lot of the times it worked. It was the same old weekly meeting, and I could see the safety advisor was walking about preparing somewhat nervously. There were like 50 people in the room. And a lot of the times I would feel anxiety also. But I just sat there and claimed my spot.

It was now part way through the meeting when the safety asked everyone to go into groups. She split everyone into 5 groups. We had to get together and fill out a Field Level Hazard Assessment form for practice. She gave out 5 different scenarios and we got started. In our group, this one fella grabbed the form and started writing but it was just the 3 that were near him that were involved in it. So, I stepped in closer and called out a few hazards then others followed along. Then the guy kind of just quit for whatever reason. He might have thought he was the only one attempting it, or maybe he wanted to give others a chance. Who knows, so I quickly glanced at the time and I reached in a grabbed the sheet, took out my pen and said “no problem, I’ll write it out” which of course was no problem, because I’ve filled one out a thousand times before. So, I sat down, lowered my head and started jotting down the ideas that were being said. Then I heard this soft female was one that I didn’t hear before. It came from the side behind me. So, I turned my head and looked up… And there she was……

She leaned in and gave a few suggestions on the Field Level Assessment. I wasn’t even listening because I was trying to not stare. She was a young 30ish blonde with a white fashionable touque. Her blonde hair was tied in a ponytail and tucked under her touque, which made her look all that more attractive. Her eyes were a light shade of blue. Her skin tone was that of a blonde athlete, slightly toned. She couldn’t have been more than 5’6″. I just sat there and looked down, not writing, because I had to process the beauty I just witnessed. A moment went by when I noticed the time allotted was about up. I scrambled to finish writing the ideas, then handed the form back to the fella and sat back in my place. The safety called out for the forms while everyone got back to their seats. I just sat there and watched her walk by me. Was like slow motion and every step she took, there was a slight bounce in her hair and body. As she walked by she looked up at me and smiled. She went back to her spot, which was by the entrance. During the last few minutes of the weekly meeting, I would glance over quickly a few times to where she was standing. She was behind the others and I would catch the colour of her touque and just look away.

The weekly meeting was over as suddenly as it begun. Half the crew was “major projects” so they were asked as usual to go back into their own trailer meeting while we finalized ours. I was the common service trainer. So about 30 of the rooms occupants left. That’s when I noticed she moved over and sat beside me. I looked over to my right and she sat there, about 1 foot away from me. She just sat there. I glanced over quickly a few times. And I just knew I had to say something, anything! So, I slightly turned my head and said “first day?” and she lightly giggled and said “yea, first day”. Then the common service meeting started. It lasted all of 4 minutes it was just a formality. Then the supervision handed out the daily duties, then ended the meeting. Everyone started getting out of their chairs and putting them away and the room got loud with talking and movement etc. We just sat there. It seemed like quite a while but in reality, was just a few minutes. She just sat there looking my way occasionally and smiling. And it was not awkward. It was actually very warm feeling and comfortable. That was the one feeling I distinctly remember from that whole situation. And I have to say it made me smile. I haven’t felt that in years! Decades!! But there it was. Anyway, we started to chat. I told her about the supervision. I casually pointed out the guy in the black shirt and black ball cap and explained his position, duties, expectations and demeanour. And went on with the rest. She leaned in and listened attentively and took in all the info and nodded politely. And then we sat there again for another few minutes. And that feeling came was just pure comfortable like we knew each other’s mannerisms and were both just ok!! It was so nice. Then she overheard the one boss calling out a new hire and told him his job, which was to operate a rock truck. That’s when she leaned in and asked me softly “does everyone operate here? Are they going to make me operate?!!” and I thought aww that was the cutest question I’ve heard in a long time. It was said with a bit of fear but ever so quietly and softly. And I just wanted to reach out and hug her, but of course I didn’t, that wouldn’t have been right haha. I turned and looked at her eyes, her face, her lips, I stole that moment to take in all her grace then said “not unless you got hired to operate, but I wouldn’t worry, I’ll make sure you get trained up before we let you go”. She laughed. We continued talking for several minutes about the company and my time there as well as my job. I honestly didn’t want the morning to end. I wanted to spend the rest of the day with her but alas she had to get prepared to go out into the field. I told her in a soft suggestive manner “you should go see the safety, he might get you geared up?” then she got up and said “good idea……ok wish me luck”. And she left.

I felt so drawn to her. She must have looked my way and smiled at least a dozen times in the half hour that followed. I just sat there, in awe, thinking “wow, that made me feel so damn fresh and calm!!”……..was a very very awesome morning for me. I haven’t felt that in years!! Decades! I see her from time to time that following week and she would sit up and wave when I drove by or walk in the meeting area or at her work area etc. A couple times in the following 4 morning meetings I noticed she would pretend to look down but was looking at me like she was memorizing or studying me. When that happened, she would look away quickly and it was so made me feel warm and wanted. Was just a very very beautiful moment in time.

She was on a 7 day in 7 day out rotation and I was on a 14/14 rotation. Yes, I had to stay while she went to wherever she goes. I finished my shift and on my last day, they called me into the office and gave me a choice of “winter drilling” or a layoff. I was there 10 years and that was the option I was given. I felt like I was kicked in the groin. I was just taken aback. Stunned!!
Long story short, I took the layoff…. But I will always have that memory. I think about her from time to time……… She was a beautiful fit looking woman. And that was our moment in time……… 🙂


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