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Scamming the Elderly

I have never met someone as bad of a man as (For anonymity, I will just call him F). He owns a small company here in USA. I can’t decide if I just move on and ignore the pain he causes people, especially women and act like I don’t know the dangerous man he is and his ability to damage people or react.

People have even created sites to discuss him.

F took $4000 from my 86 year old mother, to give her a driveway. This is what he quoted her, on paper. After much chasing him down, on my part, and numerous no shows, he finally showed up, unscheduled, without me being there, and started the job. Halfway through the day he told her he needed another $2000 to pay for materials, or else it wouldn’t get done! He assured her, he’d reimburse her add soon as a few outstanding payments cleared. When she called me on my way home from work, crying, saying she had no choice, I immediately drove over, but he was gone. I kept calling and calling, but he wouldn’t answer. I called the police and they contacted him. Lucky for us, there’s a law about scamming the elderly, so he paid back the money. But it took him 4 months to do it! F is a criminal and a pathological liar, in my experience.

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