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My Boyfriends Parents Don’t Know He Is Dating Me

We have been together for one year now, and his family has no clue that he is dating someone. Whenever we meet his brother by accident, he calls his friends to join us, so that it won’t look like we are on a date. He has never given me flowers and made me feel special and loved. Whenever we sit together we sit far from each other. I always bring him his favourite food, salad, dessert. I bought his clothes, and his eyesight got really bad, so I bought his eyeglasses, because I was worried about him and care about him and his health. Whenever I try to bring up the topic of his family, he says: If I tell my family, we will break up. Whenever we meet, I drive 30km to go see him to his area, and he comes to my area maybe once a month. I don’t know what to do, I am lost. But I Love him so much with all my heart, and I do not see myself without him. But I also cry every night, because I know he was different when we met, he was caring and loving.
I don’t know what to do, I am hurt

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