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My brain hurts because of a sound of a ruler

One day at school, I was in my class. My friend was doing something with a plastic ruler. The ruler was on a table, which surface is rough plastic, and he was holding the ruler on one end and dragging it around the table so it spins. It made a sound very disturbing up to the point when my brain hurts like its being pressed, my hands feel like ants crawling around, usually because blood doesn’t flow well, and I am sweating heavily. I can barely see anything focused. My teacher brought me to the clinic and several minutes later I was fine. I think this might be triggered by the specific frequency of the sound that messed up my brain. I can almost trigger it myself using the two surfaces of the back of a mac book (they don’t let me get rid of the space). Did anyone have the same problem? Do you think it is because of the specific frequency of sound?

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