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When I got cancer for the first time

It happened about 2 years ago, when I got cancer for the first time. At first I never felt what it like to have such a sad feeling like what other cancer patients feel. I feel relax. Then, I healed after a few treatments. But, a year past by and I got the second return cancer. I try so hard not to cry about it. I don’t want to tell my family of what I feel but it just hurt me so bad like I’m bleeding inside. It is an ovarian cancer and the doctor can’t decide of what stage I am. My stomach cramps every day and I haven’t got period for 9 months. The doctor told me that it will be so hard for me to get pregnant. Sometimes, I feel like what happened to me is out of my head. now, all I want is nothing more than just to have a person who could love me and care about me.

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