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Being Caught Having Gay Sex In Jail

I’ll tell you what it is like being caught while having sex.

First, let me say that I’m gay and I enjoy sex mainly with guys, anything goes with this kind of sex.
Several years ago now I was in jail for breaking the law.
In jail, you learn quick that you can be anything you want to be – me however, I was just another guy in jail.
This one cell mate I had was OK. We got along well, talked a lot and discovered that yes we both liked to have sex with guys.
Now we did do some mutual jacking – he wanted to take it further so we did some oral sex.
When he wanted to do the anal sex I said we had to be careful not to get caught.
He let me do anal to him first – it was good.
But, as he was behind me and his penis in my hole doing me, the guard came around doing a head count. The guard saw us and said we were in trouble.
We did get to finish having sex, but then we were sent segregation lock down for having gay sex.

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