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I am feeling too depressed from past few months

I am 23-year-old single female having no job neither a relationship nor have seeing any career in future with my low grades.

I was born happy child in middle class family everything was good till the age of 7 and the day I lost my father everything changed afterwards. Talented, excited child become introvert, sad and depress child. Nobody supports me, encourages me, I feel so lonely and useless in this world. I am average looking girl who have not a lot of friends – only 1 or 2. I’ve also never been in relationship for my life. I have been abused twice in my childhood. I found no attraction in love and sex because I never forget my past where twice, two old men harassed me because I was lonely child. My mother loves, support me always encourages me to study and get good grades but found her in sexual relationship with another person because of him. She doesn’t listen me in family business. I scream to let my ideas raise and let business grows she only listen to him. She seems blind in love now.
I feel so lonely. My all relatives have no feelings or support for me. I always thought I will become rich someday and my success will slap all these one day and for that I always focus on my education and tried my best but one of family friend who is jealous of my good grades and future. She along with his boyfriend doing wrong with my final exams every year I had no idea what was going on and last month I found she was behind of my grades. I am feeling powerless confused person.
I am feeling too depressed from past few months and living idle at home doing nothing thinking only about future and planning to buy fake legal online degrees and start my professional career. Please do not say not to use fake degrees because I have no other option. If you can help in anyway let me know.
Please people guide me. I want to prove myself in front of world.

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