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So shy around the hot guy but I wanted is phone number

So, I’m a girl who lives in Malaysia and yesterday me and my mom went to KLCC for shopping. We went there by lrt so the thing is when we were going back to home by lrt, we missed a train cause my mom went to the wrong direction and missed that train so when we go back to the right train, I saw a very hot white guy. And when weโ€™re waiting for the train to arrive, I sat next to him and I dont know why Iโ€™m so nervous and shy. Probably because there is no hot guy in my school or my life, hahahaha… So, after a few minutes the train arrived and we got into the train, me and my mom sat down but he stood like quite far away, honestly at that point I was a bit sad. So, let’s first talk about the seating, for every row there are like 4 seats. I sat at the second place from the right and the third place from the left. As I said I stared at him most of the time. He probably noticed because it was quite obvious. So as time goes by the person beside and the person at the left has got off the train. So, I decided to move to the left cause my mom is there and it’s really weird if I sit alone in the middle. And then when I looked at him again he saw me looking so I was so nervous that I quickly looked away. After a few seconds, he came and sat down right beside of me, I might be a narcissist but there was a place beside of me but he didn’t sit there he sat beside of me and like our distance were really close. Trust me my heart stopped the minute he sat down and beat like hell after that. I didn’t even dare to look at him. I really wanted to ask for his social media’s or phone number but I am a very shy person, especially when it’s someone hot. (The purpose of me writing this is probably because deep down inside I still hope me and him can meet again and I know there are many corrections) and thanks for wasting your time (I would categorise this as love and relationships because I feel like if I meet him again I would have a huge crush on him) (also sorry for my bad English)



  1. oohh, that’s ok girl. I think you’ll meet someone you think that’s hot again somehow, I’m a boy btw, and I’ve a crush on a white girl also, I had got into a situation as yo do so, so maybe more courage is needed ๐Ÿ™‚ . Good Luck , from Hong Kong (pardon my grammar also)

  2. Life is full of surprises; it is possible that any time you can meet this hot guy again. But if not, do not be sad. You are going to meet even hotter ones, and this time try to make contact with them. Don’t forget that guys like brave girls. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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