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One bad news after another every day

Even if one day of my life is good, I will consider myself to be the happiest person.
One bad news after another every day. I am fed up now. I thought 2016 was the worst year but looks like even 2017 has worse things lined up for me. All my friends, classmates and cousins look so happy to me. They get what they want. They have great grades, jobs, etc. and then there’s me. No result despite working hard. I feel God has given me the best parents but unfortunately, I haven’t been a good daughter to them.

But every bad day makes me want the good day even more. I have started craving for it. I badly want to see myself smiling and having a sense of satisfaction that I achieved something great in life. No matter how far, I will still wait for it. I want to see that day in my life when I will jump around for joy seeing myself finally succeed.


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