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I wish so much that my new wife would start sleeping with other men

My first wife and I were swingers. I shared her with 5 friends in the 15 years of marriage. One of my two favourite men was divorced and single. He was what we now call heteroflexible. I’d never touched another man until we started threesomes with him. One night I was tired and finished with my wife first. I rolled off and told them I was going to go to sleep and they should play as well for the rest of the night. About 2 hours later I was woken up to an amazing blow job. I opened my eyes and found him sucking me at full length. I LOVED IT. About 3 months later I had my wife on her back and at the edge of the bed. I was plunging her pretty good when I felt him come up behind me and start rubbing his cock in my crack. Without any thought, I stopped fucking my wife, keeping my cock buried at full depth. I allowed him to rub his cock in my crack till he found my ass. I continued to hold still until he had penetrated my ass at full depth. He paused allowing me to adjust to the feeling of my first penetration. I looked down at my wife and she was smiling from ear to ear. I asked, “You knew about this, didn’t you?” She smiled even bigger and admitted it was her idea. He started to fuck my ass and so I continued to fuck my wife. This was kind of difficult so I pulled out only an inch. I allowed him to fuck me good, using his thrusts to move me in and out of my wife. I managed to hold over for a while, but when he blew his cum in me it sent me over the edge and I came in my wife as well. This was too much for her and she stared to cum as well. It was the best double fuck, and the only time it happened. She and I are now divorced and I wish so much that my new wife would start sleeping with other men.

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