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Love yourself, live yourself

I was always an ambivalent, when I was in school I used to put myself away from people. I don’t know why but a thought keeps on repeating in my head that one day people will talk to me on their own I need to prove myself first. I did everything which I could. I studied hard, I participated in extracurricular, even I won. I styled my hairs, I wore good clothes. I mean I did everything which I could, but what happened I was still a mediocre. After that I went collage. There also I applied the same formula nothing happened, ended with same 2-3 friends. Now at this point of time when I am 23, when I have completed my graduation searching for a job, I have realised that no one matters even if you are a loser it doesn’t matter at all because in the end everyone is living a life of a single individual, You are not world, you are one, and we should live for this particular one, whatever you do people will end up with another excuse on your perfection. So what is perfect, “YOU”, live as if no other person live on this earth, live the life you always wanted to live there is no use of satisfying people because they will never except you unless you except yourself. There is nothing wrong in doing something you always wanted to do, so get up, you still have a life, there are many more days just step out of the perfection boundaries which people have set for you. Push yourself out, and see you have a universe, love yourself, live yourself, you are enough trust me . JUST TAKE ONE STEP ……

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