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Love Triangle

So, hello. I want to share a story because I do not have a person I can speak freely about this and you will soon understand why. First of all, I am an introvert sad and geeky girl, I do not feel pretty but guys often compliment me, just because I am tall skinny, blond. I have a boyfriend and I feel like I love him, but I cry quite a lot because of a guy I truly love… He used to love me, understand me like no one ever did and maybe never will. The worst part we are both students in the same class (I am from a European country and eighteen years old) so we are forced to communicate. It hurts badly to live like this – not understood not heard not… happy. The guy I mentioned was my best friend in class for three years and we kissed… a lot. And that is the part where I cheated on my boyfriend, then told him about it and he forgave me but the guy I love pushed me away. He loved another girl at the time. Now I am in a relationship for 2 years and still cannot forget the emotions I had when I was with that guy. It hurts. But I love my boyfriend but it still hurts after 2 freaking years. Forever.

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