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My sister went from 140 pounds to 240

My sister used to be very active. She played baseball, volleyball, danced and did band. When she turned 14 she had a knee problem that forced her to stop her sports. At first it had no effect because she still walked to school, but once she got here license things changed. She got a job, and had money so she always got fast food for lunch or snacks. She would always come home with a bag of taco bell culvers, McDonald’s or Dairy Queen. Until she had her license for about a year nothing happened and she was at a mire average person’s weight of 140 pounds on a 5 foot 6 frame. After then it started to show. First it was a small muffin top and round face but then it turned to her whole body. It went to her butt, legs, arms, belly, boobs, face and her hands. My parents got worried and made her go to the gym but she ate all the calories she worked off back on and occasionally more. She got weighed at my parents request and was 175 pounds at 17. She still hadn’t grown in height and then my parents got worried. Her old clothes got much too small for her and usually wore sweatpants or yoga pants. You could easily see her differences. She walked slower was out of breath quicker her legs had no thigh gap. Her belly hung over her shorts a little. She bought more food and ate more food. She also drove her car more and was always sleeping, working or usually eating.

After another year, she packed on another twenty up to 195 she had to but more clothes an even they after a short time were at their limit of stretch. The floors always creaked beneath her, chairs squeaked at her weight extra food always laying around with soda for her. At this point it was almost time for her prom so she bought a dress she originally attempted the size she wore two years earlier. It was so snug fat gushed out from any opening. She got her dress and left them to make it for a month. Over that time, she did the same she’d been doing. I remember every day of that month she had at least one dessert and two extra meals per day. I estimate she took in an average of 3500-4300 calories a day at that time. On top of that she also ate late night snacks and sodas all day. When she went to try her prom dress on it was too small. It was made as a size 14 but she at that point had gained so much it needed to be an 18. That night she got home. Her parents had her weighed and she was a horrific 225 pounds. Thirty pounds more than the year before. At this point she was unrecognisably fat, but she still looked very cute. She was waddling everywhere on her phone at all times, had some form of food and soda with her and yet my parents never stopped her. Her desk chair in her room could barely accommodate her expanded size and she never wore anything but some really tight, overstuffed from fat sweatpants or yoga pants. She was out of breath after the slightest of things and had lots of trouble with stairs. Now she is 19 one year older than she was and weighs about 240 and has extra sized seats and clothing for herself. My family is worried for her and doesn’t want her to get overly sick and die of obesity but she doesn’t know how to help anymore.

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  1. Well, I guess you cannot help her unless she finds a motivation that would force her to lose weight. This can be love or something. But to be honest for me food love is above everything amd you can’t easily give up on that. I have been 140 pounds on my 21, which is too much for 1.54 m person. I was sad about not finding clothes that suit me, I was not feeling beautiful at all, and I always thought that wherever I go everyone is staring at me and thinking how fat I am. But all these troubles did not pretend me from eating more and more. My food love was growing day by day. and at some point I isolated myself from people, I was barely hangout with friends, I was always spending time at home alone, eating, eating, and watching movies. Then I went to UK with an exchange program, where all my life changed. My family sent me 300 UK pounds per month and I had to handle all my expenses with that money. I had to lower my costs. I made a list, wrote down what I need to eat daily, and I did not purchased from any local restaurants, KFC, or McDonald, as it was expensive. I started cooking for myself, eating more fruit and vegetables; for lowering transport costs I bought a bike. I was riding a bike and walking a lot, eating less than I was eating back home, and eventually I started to lose weight. When I realized that I got motivated, and started going to gym 3 times a week, and increased the amount of my daily walking and biking. So after 4 month, when I was back to home, I was 104 pound and I have kept this weight until now. I am not sure if my story can help you to find a solution for your sister’s case, I just wanted to share.

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