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They protested, they screamed

They protested.
They screamed.
They set car’s alight.
They broke windows.
They destroyed property.
Because a single man became President.
Donald Trump.
Where was the solidarity for the Afghan women who are beaten on a daily basis?
Where is the solidarity and marching for the women in DRC who are publicly subjected to genital mutilation?
Where are the protests in South Africa against a rapist President Zuma?
Where are the protests in Zimbabwe against the oppressive Mugabe family, who has let the women in his nation live in squander for 30 years?
Where is the outcry for the Saudi Arabian women who are treated as possessions, who lose their entire families to oppressive, patriarchal husbands?
Where is the noise about women in Pakistan, who are subject to domestic violence on a daily basis?
Why is there no marching for the women in India, brutally gang-raped as punishment for eating beef?

The reason is simple… In an age of social media and trends, it is more fun to jump on the bandwagon, like the Trump bandwagon, and be a keyboard warrior. People care for likes and shares, rather than lives and change.
It’s a sad world, with sad, materialistic people.

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