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We had sex, but I wasn’t planning to and I fell pregnant

So, I met this guy not long ago after I got out from a relationship, I was pretty clear with him from the beginning I didn’t want a relationship just a friend, we talked everyday 24/7 for a month he seemed a nice guy. One night I was at his place and we drank too much and it happened we had sex, but I wasn’t planning to. The next day we discussed it and I made it clear to him that we had fun and that’s it, and he was OK with it. But I didn’t remember much, so I asked him if there’s anything to worry about because I could go get the morning after pill. But he ensured me I had nothing to be worry about and that he cum outside of me and I trusted him.

For a couple of days, I was being distant because I realized he was falling for me and not just falling, he became obsessed with me. I was all over his Facebook, phone he kept calling every day, all the time. Unstoppable – saying I mean the world to him or that he will kill himself without me. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. So, I told him that I don’t feel good about that and that I don’t want him to have fake hopes as I only see him as a friend and that we won’t have sex again. He started insulting me, threatening of posting pics of me on internet and that now I will see his evil self and he started texting me go check if you pregnant. I cum in you now, you will spend the rest of your life with me. Either you want it or not and so many psycho things. I was shocked he showed me someone I never thought would have existed and I thought he was lying to make me scared but here I’m 4 weeks pregnant. I’m crying myself every night to sleep since I found out. I went through a medical abortion 3 days ago which it didn’t work, my doc put me 4 pills in my vagina and I had some cramps at the beginning, after 6 hours I had a light bleeding I thoughtt it was over this torture but I went to the doctor and I’m still pregnant so he put me once again another 3 pills. I had so much painful cramps I started having heavy bleeding after 2 hours and the pain lasted about 10 hours and now I’m going tomorrow for an ultrasound to see if it worked this time. I just feel so bad I’m going through this alone I was scared to tell him how can I tell someone I had sex with someone I don’t even like. He’s insane, I’m emotionally wrecked how could someone do such thing, how could I be so stupid trusting him, I feel so ashamed and disgust with myself and I’m scared of going through surgical abortion. I hope God forgive me for my sin because I will never do 🙁



  1. He took advantage of you. Sadly that is technically rape. Do not feel ashamed of yourself. You do what is right for you and your life and don’t worry about anyone else.

  2. I know ma’am it is very tough to feel all poison alone.You won’t able to share your feelings your emotions.

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