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It’s almost 8 years ago since I first met you

It’s almost 8 years ago, since I first met you. I wasn’t really expecting to know you that time because I have someone else on my mind and everybody knows how I’m following him for 5 years the time before I met you. Everything was so unexpected. I’m pointing at him for my friends to see but they only saw you. It was really a mistake. They mistook you for him. Then, my friends asked for your number without my consent (it was a surprised though) They gave the number to me and told me that I should text that number because it’s a gift from them. So, right after I got home, I texted you. And with a very nice approach you responded not even to bother to text you anymore yet you asked for my full name for you to see me on Friendster. I was laughing hard that time but I gave it to you since I’m having fun teasing you. And there you are, so shocked that I was the one you’ve been texting for days. Told me that you’ve been seeing me surrounded by boys most of the time and that you liked me but you’re too shy to ask me out. I got curious how you looked like so I opened my Friendster then immediately look on your profile then I’m like “bang!” it’s like my heart fell too deeply that until now, it’s hard for me to let go of you. I found out that we have lots of common friends and you asked them to help you out in courting me. Gash! All the hard work really paid off. I said yes after months. I even forgotten that I liked someone else and focus only to you. I even distanced myself to other guys whom you don’t like because like what you said, they seemed to like me. I never wanted you to be jealous so I did everything you hated. I loved you so much. I know you knew that. I even forget my friends and ditched classes just to have time to be with you. The moment you sing to me in that building hall with only you and me, that was really the best part of my life until now. How you put so much effort in it. I appreciated it a lot. I know you loved me but I’m sorry for choosing my school over you. I do regret that. If only I didn’t listen to them maybe you won’t lose interest in me. Then, out of the blue you broke up with me. Telling me you need to focus on your studies, family and friends. And I’m like I’m giving you enough time to attend to them but there’s nothing I can do so even if it’s really hard for me, I let you go. A month after, I heard the news that you’re courting my classmate and how she really likes you. You have no idea how hurt I was that time. How I wanted to hurt myself so badly in making bad decisions. I begged and pleaded for you to come back but you didn’t and continue until you became her boyfriend. It was a torture every time I see both of you together, holding hands, kissing. We haven’t kissed that time because you told me we’re too young and respect me too much to do that. I never want to see you that time and I think you’ve noticed that I’m avoiding seeing both of you. Then, there’s the foundation day!! My ever-supportive friends wanted me to be happy so they decided to marry me with a friend. And to our surprise, you we’re the acting priest. I never really wanted to do that but I don’t want to be the laughing stock in front of others who knew our story so I decided to take a step and do it. You got us married but you weren’t smiling. But I must say, you are the most handsome guy I ever met. My heart is racing and I don’t know what to do the time you said exchanging of vows so I walked out. Days after, the news spread that you guys broke up. She never told everyone the reason why but the whole class started to ignore me. Good thing, I have my friends who never stopped giving me moral support. Week after, you started talking to me again and we hang out with your friends like nothing really happened. We kissed and everything before the graduation. You even invited me to the camp but there’s no way my parents would allow me. Months after graduation, you cut all communications. You even blocked me on Facebook. You only blocked me, am I really that dislikeable? Then months again, your friends told me you got reunited with your childhood crush. Yeaa, I know everything about her because you told me everything. Then after that you cut all your communications even with your own friends. We still hangout even without you but every time we do, I’m missing you even more. Years passed, two of our friends started confessing their love for me. But, I still only have eyes for you and that won’t ever change so I told them my feelings. Luckily, they stopped and until now we’re still friends. Years passed, we both graduated in college and heard news that you we’re working downtown. I was excited to see you. But never had the chance to see you. I never entertained suitors till now after you because since we broke up 8 years ago, I know how much I love you. And thinking that you came back to me, I thought it was possible the second time around. Right now, I’m really hurt and I want everything in my head and heart out now. I want to forget everything about you, about us but I find it hard to put everything that has happened, the feelings contained in words. I love you, I really do. But I still have some ego for myself. I know when to stop although it really hurts. Congrats on your baby. I’m praying that all your wishes will come true. I love you. Bye. -G

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  1. Omg he had a baby? I’m so sorry, I’ve been through something similar, so i can try to understand. Stay strong, you’re doing great!

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