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I had sex with him and I pretended he’s nothing to me

This isn’t really my life story, rather is me trying to release all this messed up feelings I have and trying to make the weight inside my heart smaller. Me and this guy started to get extremely close, at first I didn’t want anything with him, but one thing lead to another and I ended up having sex with him, even though I knew he was sort of a player… Now I need to see him almost every week, and pretend he’s nothing to me, because I don’t have the guts to make me go talk to him, to know their true feelings. The only thing I wanted was a way to know how will he reply as soon as I start telling him the way I feel… I can either make our relationship even more awkward than what already is, or I can maybe find a closer relationship with this person… It’s all so unsure and I’m so afraid of getting out of this hurt… I promised myself I wouldn’t get hurt by anybody else, but it seems like it’s always impossible.

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