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Looking for a donation

I write this message in the name of my great friend, Jesus.
This guy lives in Venezuela, where the crisis raises day after day. He is working as a nurse, he works from morning to night to take care of people and cannot even take care of himself. Even though he works from morning to night, he cannot afford himself to pay a slice of bread for himself and his mom.
I get to talk to him frequently, it just tears me when he cries because he is worry about how to feed his mom, it tears me when he says he is afraid to go through the street to reach the place where he works because it’s too dangerous. Gosh it’s the most courageous person I’ve ever met. I try to help him to find an opportunity to flee this country, that’s what happened yesterday: He received a reply from this German hospital saying they can accommodate him and integrate him into the hospital to work as a nurse. They said they are ready to send the papers directly by mail for him to get ready… The only thing that stops him is the plane ticket and the tuition fees.
I don’t want his opportunity to be ruined just because of this plane ticket. I’m just a simple student and I’m not able to help him financially. I try to help him with the little sum of money I raise for him to buy food, but for a plane ticket it’s just hard for me.
That’s why I’m asking international help, in the name of the humanity. Please, just donate a single euro, just one euros. It’s going to help him a lot. The company said the program starts in March and it won’t be possible to apply for it after.

This is a distress call, I beg you guys to help him.

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