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What is life?

What is life??? Hi, my name doesn’t matter…. I am 22-year girl still trying to find out what is life…. I study all the time just to get somewhere I wanted but after that what will I am going to do…. All this hardship and all for nothing? I am still confused what I want from my life and what makes me happy…… I don’t know what to do but I guess this is life and I have to deal with it….

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  1. Hi I am 20.. Name Doesn’t matter.. Its really true we really don’t know what life is or time is.. I am also having the same problem I really don’t know what to do. Sometimes I think that I will direct movies then sometimes I think I will be a photo journalist. its really hard to find Why god has created us. we all have different roles to play in his SET. I am still waiting for my Role..

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